blanc Étagère de douche d'angle Phusy
Corner Shower Shelf Phusy
Corner Shower Shelf Phusy
Corner Shower Shelf Phusy
Corner Shower Shelf Phusy
white corner shower shelf Phusy
weiß Eckduschregal Phusy
black corner shower shelf Phusy
noir Étagère de douche d'angle Phusy
schwarz Eckduschregal Phusy
grey corner shower shelf Phusy
grau Eckduschregal Phusy
gris Étagère de douche d'angle Phusy

Corner Shower Shelf Phusy

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The CORNER SHOWER SHELF PHUSY, designed for optimal space utilization, is a handcrafted  corner shelf that occupies minimal space while maximizing functionality. This shelf is meticulously handcrafted from premium stainless steel, which is inherently lightweight due to its aluminum composition. The surface of the Phusy features strategically placed slots that prevent water retention, enhancing its suitability for wet environments such as showers.

  • Curved Edge Functionality: The edge of the shelf is curved, serving a dual purpose: it prevents items from falling off, thus providing a protective function, and adds an aesthetic element to its design.
  • Matte Finish and Protection: The Phusy is coated with a matte finish, which not only contributes to its elegant appearance but also fortifies the shelf against rust and moisture.
  • Durability Features: The stainless steel core ensures robust durability, while the rust-resistant powder coating offers an additional layer of protection, making the shelf a durable choice for bathroom environments.
  • Ideal for Compact Spaces: This product is particularly suited for small bathrooms and cozy shower cabins, addressing storage challenges without compromising on space.
  • Investment in Elegance: The Phusy is not merely a storage solution but a lasting investment in bathroom elegance, combining functionality with a sleek, contemporary design to enhance the user experience.
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Corner Shower Shelf Phusy

Minimalistic and universal design

High quality steel, aluminium and 10 years warranty

Corner Shower Shelf Phusy

Daske products are created from high quality stainless aluminium, and coated with hypoallergenic paint. We are confident in the premium quality of our products and therefore offer a 10-year rust-free guarantee.

Corner Shower Shelf Phusy

Customer love daske products

Corner Shower Shelf Phusy

Easy installation 

On the product page you can find detailed installation instructions for each product, and in the box you will find everything you need to do it: self-tapping screws and plastic plugs. If you have any problems, our technical support will always help you.

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If the product has a self-tapping type of fastening, in this case its scope of delivery will be as follows:

1. Product Daske.
2. Stainless self-tapping screws and plastic dowels.
3. Decorative plugs.

If the product is supplied with an adhesive fastening type, in which case it will be supplied as follows:

1. Product Daske.
2. Alcohol wipe for wiping down the wall
3. Glue.
4. Double-sided adhesive tape already applied to the Daske product.

We guarantee Daske products to be rust-free for 10 years after purchase. The warranty does not apply to the self-tapping screws and fasteners that come with the kit. If you experience a rust problem on a Daske product within 10 years, we will refund the full price of the product you purchased. Read more about the warranty. (link takes you to the warranty information page)

We manufacture products in high quality aluminum or stainless food grade steel. The products are coated with hypoallergenic paint made in Italy.

Purchased items will be delivered to the specified address within 3 to 8 business days of order acceptance. Orders placed before noon will be fulfilled the same day if the ordered items are in stock. Orders placed between Friday noon and Sunday will be processed the following Monday.

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